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Why purchase vinyl? When you put on a vinyl record, you get a richer sound than what you get with a digital file. It's because vinyl is analog and isn't compressed like the digital versions you're familiar with. The absence of compression makes the music feel more layered and refined. The discs have grooves that produce the crackling sound you hear when you play a record. You will be able to listen to a noticeably deeper sound that will add more dimension to your favorite tracks. Visit Graywhale and check out the various records we have in stock.If you have vinyl records that you don't listen to anymore, then visit Graywhale and sell your old vinyl records. We buy used vinyl so that we can have our shelves stocked with music that anyone can value.Purchasing vinyl and creating a collection is a fun leisurely activity for anyone and everyone. You'll find a lot of joy in obtaining a classic album for a portion of the price or you can even sell your own vinyl for some cash. Popular records and bands that are hard to come by are almost like heirlooms when you're able to collect them. Once you've built a collection, that collection might go for quite a bit of money. And if you're not in it for the value, vinyl records are fun regardless if you want to swap with friends or simply keep and listen to the records for yourself.We buy and sell vinyl, so while you can make some money, we are always growing our collection. There's music for everyone's taste at Graywhale, and we make it convenient for you to shop. Visit any of our vinyl record store locations across Utah or buy online. music cd stores Taylorsville, UT